Data management policy

Personal data and confidentiality

You are going to use an online service to facilitate reflection and collective action around topics that are important to you to work or that your team wishes to work on.

This service takes the form of a meeting software to which you will be able to register and connect to exchange regularly with your colleagues and your teams.

To function properly and allow you to have the best possible user experience, this service processes and stores personal data concerning you or your workgroup. This data can be classified into three categories:

  1. Identification and profile data
  2. Meeting data exchanged in real time
  3. Meeting history data

All users are informed of this personal data management policy when they create their account. By using SquareMeeting, you acknowledge having read and accepted this personal data management policy.

1. Identification and profile data

(eg: email, last name, first name, photography), are stored until your account on the application is deleted. They are intended to allow you to connect (e-mail), and to allow you to bond with your user community more easily.

This data is kept until your account on the application is deleted.

Important note: beyond the last name, first name and e-mail address which are necessary to attach you to a team and to a user account, you are free to choose the information you wish to enter or not in the application (ex: photography).

2. Meeting data exchanged in real time

(eg: collective note taking, asking and speaking, triggering a modality of animation, ...) are handled to allow you to be as efficient as possible during the meeting.

This data is also used by our customer support to guide you in getting started with the application if necessary. However, no textual data entered by a participant during a meeting is accessible to the support in order to preserve the confidentiality of your exchanges.

These data are kept for a period of 1 month after the end of the meeting in order to possibly help with the diagnosis of a meeting process for the training of facilitators.

Important note : for the purpose of statistics that can be returned to the user and improvement of the services offered by ViTi, usage data anonymized by aggregation may be kept (e.g. number and frequency of use of the chat module, number and frequency of speech passages,…). Due to anonymization, we will be unable to say whether such data concerns you, nor to restore the data used to constitute these aggregates.

3. Meeting history data

(Participants, date and time of the meeting, name of the facilitator, subjects of the group, chosen action plan, meeting notes and objective(s)) should allow you to follow the progress of your thinking from one meeting to the next. These data are therefore kept for your subsequent consultation. You are free to enter any information that seems relevant to you.

PDF meeting reports are only accessible to meeting participants. Our customer support is only able to access the attendance sheets which contain the names and surnames of the participants and the name, date and time of the meeting, in order to respond to our customers requests.

This data is kept for a period of 1 year in order to allow you to follow up over time the topics that you are working on in a group.

Data localization

The data is stored in France by our hosting provider Scaleway on dedicated servers for which we ourselves ensure the IT operation. We do not use any subcontractor and only our duly authorized administrators (they sign a strong confidentiality agreement which reminds them in particular of their responsibility for not disclosing any information of any kind) have access to these servers.

Access right and DPO

Under the Data Protection Act, any user may at any time exercise their right to access, modify or delete their data from the service provider by email to

The data protection officer (DPO) of the company is Mr Jean-Baptiste LATOUR.

Legal notice

Consult our legal notice